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Announcing a New Name & a New Owner!

Grand Promenade Dental Centre TeamAfter more than 30 years serving the local community, Dr Dean Martin (Dental Surgeon) recently sold his practice to recently-returned Dianella local Dentist, Dr Anthony Giummarra. As part of the transfer of ownership, the practice was rebranded to Grand Promenade Dental Centre.

Dr Martin will continue part time focused on oral surgery, including wisdom teeth removal, implants, soft tissue grafts, teeth exposure for braces/orthodontics and dental work under in-house IV sedation or general anaesthesia in hospital.

Dr Anthony is passionate about high-quality, family-focused dental care, providing general dentistry services, including checkup and cleans, children’s dentistry, emergency dentistry, root canal, and wisdom teeth extractions.

“After working in private practices across Perth and Northern Territory, I have moved back and settled in Dianella. Dr Martin and I are both locals, as is Dr Cina Yaqub who is also on our new team,” said Anthony.

If you’re overdue a checkup and clean or considering more extensive dental treatment, give us a call on (08) 9272 1700 or book online today!


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