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Our Technology

If you’re looking for an accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment, you’ve come to the right place. At Grand Promenade Dental Centre, we’ve invested in the latest dental technology and equipment to enhance our services and give you the best possible experience of oral health.

Our new CBCT scanner and EMS Airflow use state-of-the-art innovations to improve both your comfort and treatment results, making every visit easy and enjoyable.


Get a Clearer View With the CBCT Scan

Excellent oral health starts with a clear and complete image of your mouth. Detailed pictures help us detect slight abnormalities as early as possible and plan successful treatments. The more specific the imaging is, the better a procedure will go, especially in complicated cases.

The CBCT scanner provides a 3D view of your teeth and bones, giving a more complete picture of your anatomy than a 2D X-ray can generate. It is particularly beneficial for assessing and planning treatments like root canals, wisdom teeth removals, and implants.

Best of all, the process only takes 10 seconds. There’s no need to place a film in your mouth, making it a much more comfortable experience.

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Relax Through Your Cleaning With Airflow

If you have sensitive teeth, you may not look forward to your regular checkup and clean. The Airflow is here to change that. By using a high-pressure combination of water, air, and fine cleaning powder, the Airflow provides superior results without any scraping experienced in a traditional scale and clean.

This gentle technology causes far less discomfort than conventional cleaning methods, making it ideal for patients with sensitive teeth.

Our easy approach to teeth cleaning is also great for anxious patients, as it makes your visit calmer and more relaxing.

Photo Source: EMS Airflow

Intraoral Scanner Now at Grand Promenade Dental Centre

Grand Promenade Dental Centre is proud to have added an intraoral scanner to our list of advanced dental technology for patients. This system is known for providing high-precision 3D digital scans, eliminating the inconvenience and discomfort associated with traditional messy moulds. This breakthrough not only enhances the patient experience but also significantly streamlines your entire visit, leading to more efficient and accurate diagnoses and treatments.

The versatility of our intraoral scanner is unmatched, as the 3D digital scans can be seamlessly utilized for a wide array of applications, including crowns, clear aligners, mouthguards, nightguards, and splints.

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