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Extractions in Dianella

sad tooth being extractedAlthough it’s always ideal to keep your teeth, sometimes removal is necessary. At Grand Promenade Dental Centre, we may recommend extracting a tooth when it’s compromised to a point that it’s not fixable or that it may cost a lot of money to fix, without producing lasting results. We may also need to remove a tooth that has split all the way to the root and is no longer savable.

Pain Management Options

Before a planned extraction, our team of highly trained dentists will review your options for pain management. You can choose general anaesthesia or IV sedation either at the hospital, or here in the practice. For both wisdom teeth and other teeth, we’ll assess the level of complexity and your preferences when recommending options.

In emergency cases involving pain, swelling, or an abscess, it’s important to remove the tooth as soon as possible. We’ll walk you through a pain management protocol to keep your experience comfortable and calm.

Our dentists have over 35 years of experience in doing smooth extractions that help patients relax throughout treatment.

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Aftercare and Next Steps

After an extraction, replacement options include implants, bridges, and dentures. We’ll often wait three months to see how much bone loss you’ve experienced, and whether you need any soft or hard tissue grafting.

Depending on your condition, we may suture the site with dissolvable stitches. You can start pain relief as soon as the anaesthesia wears off. Be careful to avoid alcohol or smoking, and don’t rinse the area for 24 hours. At that point, you can start saltwater rinses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should patients take off work?

In simple cases, you’ll be sore but able to work the day after the procedure. For wisdom teeth and difficult extractions, you may need three to five days to recover.

What can patients eat and drink after the procedure?

We advise only eating soft foods for the first three days, with no hot food or drinks until the anaesthetic has worn off. After three days, you can start building up to regular foods.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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