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What's the Better Choice for Straighter Teeth: Angel Aligners or Invisalign?

invisible bracesAt Grand Promenade Dental Centre, we proudly champion Angel Aligners, a renowned brand with a focus on trust and innovation in clear aligner technology. However, Angel Aligners don’t have the name recognition that Invisalign has, often leaving patients wondering, which is best?

As your partner in oral health, we wanted to help you understand the benefits of choosing Angel Aligners at Grand Promenade Dental Centre as you work toward a gorgeous smile.

1. AngelAligners – A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

Distinguished by over two decades of commitment to excellence, Angel Aligners have been at the forefront of clear aligner technology, harnessing experience and innovation to redefine the orthodontic landscape.

2. The AngelButton Advantage

One of the defining features of Angel Aligners lies in the ingenious angelButton, an anchor point designed to facilitate the use of elastics. This innovative addition sets Angel Aligners apart, offering enhanced precision and effectiveness in achieving optimal tooth movement and alignment.

3. AI-Based Cephalometry System: Precision Redefined

Angel Aligners utilises an AI-based cephalometry system, a cutting-edge technology that ensures meticulous planning and execution of your personalised treatment journey. The seamless integration of artificial intelligence elevates the orthodontic experience, promising unparalleled accuracy and results.

4. Personalised Care Tailored to You

At Grand Promenade Dental Centre, our dedication to personalised care resonates through every aspect of your time with us. From the initial consultation to formulating a treatment plan, every step is meticulously tailored to your unique goals and needs, ensuring a journey that aligns with your vision for a radiant smile.

5. Seamless Experience

Choose Angel Aligners for a seamless orthodontic experience that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, offering virtually invisible and discreet treatment. With the freedom to remove the aligners for eating and drinking, Angel Aligners promise unparalleled convenience without compromising on the journey towards stunning results.

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